The company

Zwirs-Knijnenburg BV
Guaranteed and established quality!

Zwirs-Knijnenburg BV specialize in supplying and building greenhouse projects all over the world, with either used or new materials, and in the dismantling of complete greenhouse projects.

More than 50 years of combined experience guarantees a product with a focus on quality, functionality and customer care.

In our modern plant and offices in Hoek van Holland we maintain our own production facilities, which enables us to offer complete greenhouse projects for razor sharp prices, furthermore we can make a perfect combination of supplying reconditioned greenhouses, partly with new materials.

Whether you are looking for a greenhouse, a packing shed, roof extension or a garden centre: our people can find the tailor-made solution for you!

With clients in more than 35 countries and a strong share in the home-market Zwirs-Knijnenburg BV has become an important and reliable partner in the greenhouse market.

Zwirs-Knijnenburg BV – Your partner for greenhouse projects WORLDWIDE!